New-minted PhD Michael Lane dropped a line noting his blog. Mike’s a pal from undergrad days and recently took the sheepskin from the University of Sheffield. He’s, um, real bright. Real bright. At IU I always thoroughly enjoyed provoking him into passionate discourse on any given topic I knew nothing about. If timed correctly, hopefully after a beer or two, I would sit back and enjoy the hurricane of ideas and facts that would come spilling out at high velocity.

Mike’s been marinating in the mists of Airstrip One since shortly after finishing school in Indiana, and we’ve kept in touch via email. I look forward to following his rants and essays on his blog.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Lane's blog

  1. Wouldn’t that be DR. Lane? Wow, you know someone who’s written a dissertation on Linear B. How cool! No wonder you enjoyed winding the man up and listening to him spout…

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