Tativille is le site officiel of Jacques Tati’s films. SIFF will be screening a new 70mm (!) print of Playtime, Tati’s amazing 1967 look at city life.

At least one film screening at the festival, The Python, appears to have been partially inspired by Tati’s cinematography and environmental sense of humor.

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One thought on “Tati

  1. Hot damn. Playtime is one of my favorite films ever. Tried to rent it on VHS once, many years ago. The pan-and-scan format literally destroyed the film. Tati used the whole screen; if you cut off the edges you loose parts of the story. So I’ve really only seen it once, and that was in Sweden, 18 years ago. Yet I still remember it clearly.

    Now you say it’s in 70mm? Hmm. I may have to run over to Seattle in a couple weeks…

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