commbadge.jpgComm badges are set to be deployed at Seattle’s nearly-open Starfleet Headquarters main public library.

You know, the other day I happened to notice, driving by, that the administrative offices visible from the street were fully stocked with what appeared to be Aerons.

At the same time, it should be noted, this is a library system which shuts down entirely, web site included, for two weeks every year due to insufficient funding. No local library branch provides wireless internet access yet, either – I guess the installation cost of $35 to $50 in hardware is just too damn steep.

Finally, I was not surprised to learn that the central library will employ that wonder of technology, an automated book-sorting system.

In the early seventies, the newly constructed Monroe County Public Library opted to install just such a system, the “Randtreiver,” which promptly broke down and was eventually removed and replaced with that advanced functional book sorting technology known as shelving.

One thought on “Trek tech at new SPL

  1. It should be noted that the new library is being built with capital funds, where running it comes from operating funds. Aerons are part of the construction, and therefore can be charged to the capital budget.

    You want the library open all year around? Change the funding structure so that it gets its money from property taxes like the King County system does. Right now, SPL gets money when Czar Greg feels like it.

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