4 thoughts on “Apparently, I'm not alone.

  1. I really think that 6A completely misjudged how the MT enthusiast community uses the product and they completely misjudged how their licensing plans would affect that community.

    More specifically, what was once free (multiple blogs, multiple authors) is no longer. I don’t think that anyone begrudges the Trotts the ability to make a living from their product, but the terms of the licenses, the manner in which they limit the product, and the manner in which they were announced rubbed pretty much everyone the wrong way.

    Me? I’m personally sticking with MT 2.65, or whatever subversion I’m running right now. But longer-term, I’m not convinced that it’s gonna be the way to go forward unless those license terms change, and change a lot. As for alternatives, I think that textpattern looks pretty interesting (though I’m not a big fan of textile formatting)…

  2. I can’t say I have a pressing need to change platforms. I suppose I will investigate other CMS-lite products when I finally to a server rebuild. Even in the context of a server rebuild, though, moving to a new product may not be choice – hosting is one thing I have considered, and MT 2.661 actually offers nearly every thing I’ve needed, the exceptions being post-via-email, a batch recategorization tool, and default nested categories.

    post-via-email and nested categories are available via slightly more hackish than ‘drop it in the folder’-style plugins. I’ve never heard of someone offering a categories management tool.

  3. I’ve been thinking about making the move to WordPress, but to get what I really want I would need to reimplement the PurpleWiki parser in PHP or figure out some way to use the Perl libraries from within PHP.

    Another option I’ve considered is blosxom. It is Perl and already has PurpleWiki support. That seems kind of bad for the economy though: I should try to spread that stuff around.

    And finally there’s always that option that’s been tickling at the back of my brain: write my own but I seem to have enough to do already. I know some of the things I would want though: dynamic presentation (no rebuilds), threaded comments with the option of raising a comment to “front page” status, and then usual stuff like better category management. All, of course, with built in granular referencing and transclusion.

    Make another one of me please Mike, I want to put myself to work. Thanks.

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