I found this striking image as the front cover of a circular for the History Book Club, I believe in a magazine.

It appears to show an epic but forgotten battle. On the desert plains of Egypt, the Civil War-era forces of Texas and the Ohio Volunteers are facing off. The ten-gallon boys look to be in for a pasting, given that a fleet of Flying Fortresses is providing close air support to the muzzle-loading sons of the Buckeye State.

Those scions of the green and rolling hills are accompanied by what detailed historic-ish sleuthing* has determined to be either a giant robot cunningly fashioned in the likeness of one Geo. Washington, or possibly a large sculpture of that same man. If it’s a sculpture, internal, structural cues lead me to believe that the Ohioans aim to install the sculpture in the bosom of the ozymandian cliffs the doughty Texians seek to hold.

Naturally, I scoured the circular for the book that would bring news of such a wonderment, never before seen on book nor History Channel. Alas, it never turned up.

The image sorta reminded me of Komar and Melamid.

*Historic-ish sleuthing, in this case, constituted leaning back in my char and rolling my eyes around in my head for about five seconds.

2 thoughts on “Some Battle

  1. The Washington statue was dropped from one of the bombers flying overhead. After night falls, the Wyoming troops retreat and the Texans move the statue into their Egyptian fortress. What they don’t know is that the statue is filled with reinforcements, who climb out through a trapdoor in the middle of the night and run off with the Pharoah’s gold, which is used to fund Republican party issue ads.

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