Michael and Prairie and Eric and Rose and Adam and Viv and i all sat together at Jason’s CD release party.

Michael was trooper enough to stick around for the après shoe, but Eric and Rose and Adam and Viv and I all hit a watering hole and talked about Jason, Jason, Jason all night (As I post, it seems that Jason’s site might be down, which is a drag).

An interesting point emerged, which is that Eric and his lovely wife Rose may have met via a shared enthusiasm for Jason’s music – they certainly courted during the Against the Night period.

In other news: the songs on the new CD have a high earworm factor, which is promising. Jason finally has teeshirts. The new CD will also be released on 12-inch vinyl, to which I say, woo-hoo! “Features alternate records of songs from the CD,” hmmm.

UPDATE: Elsewhere‘s pix are up.

2 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Rose and I worked together for a couple of years before that summer, so meeting wasn’t Jason related.

  2. For some reason, though http://www.jasonwebley.com doesn’t respond, drop the ‘www.’ and just go to jasonwebley.com and you’ll get in fine. Unfortunately, not too many people seem to be discovering it, as there’s only a few post-concert messages on the Guestbook, which is really rare.

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