Heeere it is! In commemoration of the historic NBA finals of 2002 – your Ken Goldstein of the week!

I closely considered having the bobblehead hold his head in shame and fear, reflecting his emotions concerning the performance of his beloved Nets thus far, but in the end declined to do so as a) my subject is of a fairly cheery disposition and b) no bobblehead distributed by a major-league team would express such emotion except by accident.

This is also my original art for the week.

Update: I acutally built a real KG Bobblehead, and then made a silly little web movie to prove it. God help me.

2 thoughts on “Your KG Bobblehead!

  1. Having known Ken for nearly 10 years, I can vouch that this is FREAKISHLY realistic. I have to go lie down now, it’s making me dizzy…

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