I mentioned iPhoto2Gallery a few days ago, and man, it is the greatest. It’s waay faster than using the in-browser post for Gallery; it may even be faster than adding pics via the command line.

Alas, though, for the stalled-out iPhoto to Blog plugin. While the developer’s teaser for a new version screenshot implies awareness of the bugs and UI problems with the plugin as it stands, the work-in-progress looks a bit like a work in holding, as in the comments for the site he notes a new beta will be out ‘soon’ – in February.

Oh well!

Looks like it’s time to go back to the MovableType-Gallery integration hunt.

Speaking of Mac plugins, googling for iChat plugins doesn;t seem to bring anything up, although iChatUSBCam appears to extend the functionality of iChat in a very plugin-like way. Poking around ADC didn’t yield anything in the way of an SDK.

iChat Streaming Icon also modifies iChat functionality. However, beyond these two apps, I am not finding much in the area.