Subservient Chicken: BK online ad campaign that right now allows you, the random web surfer, to instruct a full-grown person in a very elaborate chicken outfit to do, well, more or less anything.


Here’s a MeFi thread which keeps track of what the Chicken will and won’t do. The thread also includes anecdotal evidence that the Chicken is a collection of looped video actions tied to keywords. A monkey dissected it, provding further evidence for that line of reasoning.

Is this Sars the Chicken?

2 thoughts on “No, really

  1. A bit of background, from what I’ve pieced together (graffiti watching in Seattle is an obsession of mine):
    SARS started showing up in Fremont in August, from what I saw. In September or so, the other local prolific/clever graffiti people (Desk/Bike, 1+1=3, The Bald Man) starting moving downtown and to Belltown, and SARS came too. They’ve since been moving slowly up into Capitol Hill.

    So SARS has been going for a relatively long time in the graffiti world, pretty much since Neckface became the face to know in New York.

    Or, at least, this is what I have figured out.

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