And finally, without intending that I would devote my day to Jeff’s blog topics, I ventured to the University District where I attended a press screening of the forthcoming Jonathan Demme documentary The Agronomist, about slain Haitian journalist and activist Jean Dominique.

As I walked north from the Route 43 terminus, one block west of Trader Joe’s, I spied a weathered sticker.


After the film, I had a pleasant lunch at the storied Sushi Express in the company of one Danelope, after which I enjoyed the happy sense of public morality that comes from riding the bus. Again.

As I walked toward my house from Broadway, what did I spy, high in his natural habitat of parking regulatory and instructional signage?

Sars the Chicken. You just can’t help but root for such a plucky beak. Despite this, one presumes that Mr. Chicken will be avoiding our good friends north of the border for the foreseeable future.

3 thoughts on “Counting your chickens II

  1. While the Sushi Express is always good, it’s better during the evenings, when it’s kaiten time! For your future enjoyment, Friday nights are particularly busy, but Wednesday nights are about perfect. I should have them extend the train tracks to my apartment and deliver a constant supply of unagi. It’s like eating a piece of broiled fish-god.

    There has been some great tagging in the U-District lately that I should capture for posterity.

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