Hello, what’s this?

Friends, the public library is your true friend.

I think it may say something definitive about me that I’m far more excited about four CDs of forgotten one-hit wonders than four CDs documenting a single artist’s profound effect on the history of a genre.

Tonight, shall it be beer, or shall it be Bombay martinis? The future is unwritten.

4 thoughts on “Library Love

  1. The primitive version of my very best Bombay Sapphire martini recipe:

    1) Buy a bottle of Scotch (Glen-anything or better).
    2) Pour slug of Scotch into shaker with ice (sorry if this offends — I’m a shaken-martini believer).
    3) Shake for about ten seconds, coating the icecubes with a thin wash of the Scotch.
    4) Pour Scotch into shot/pony glass, and set glasses aside.
    5) Shake the Bombay until the outside of the metal shaker is frosty, duh.
    6) Pour Bombay into martini glass. Smile. Drink both glasses of booze. Repeat as necessary.

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