After 17 Years, They’re Back, and in the Mood for Love: the Times picks up on poupou’s eagle-eyed naturism.

Did I say ‘naturism’? Perhaps I mean ‘naturalist’s observations.’

Iowa underwent an emergence in 1997, and this link contains video. Only one of the audio links is still good.

I have undoubtedly romanticized memories of the event. The noise of the critturs is unbearably loud, but the huge bugs themselves are fascinating and were not threatening to me as a child. I recall coaxing them to crawl on me, and studying their discarded husks on the bark of trees with fascination.

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  1. And you know, the epicenter is Bloomington IN. I contemplated making the trip on May 25th just to roll some videotape.

    But I don’t think I’ll be able to, alas.

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