KUOW is among the NPR stations pushing for changes

“A host, when news is breaking, actually needs to be able to interact live with a reporter on the scene and do live interviews with analysts as a story is unfolding,” said Jeff Hansen, program director for KUOW (94.9) in Seattle, and an independent coordinator for news-focused radio stations that carry NPR programs. “We owe a lot to Bob Edwards for setting exactly the right tone for the first 25 years. But I think there is probably wide agreement in the public radio system that it is time for an evolutionary change.”

The P-I runs an NYT article. As Tom notes, now’s the time to let KUOW know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Bob-a-loo

  1. I think NPR should take a rightward tilt to the news and add lots of shock jocks who talk about sex with animals and stuff.

    Seriously, dude…. that would RULE!

  2. We’re counting on Howard stepping in for Bob. Then Gene Simmons will get an afternoon drive time interview show.

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