4 thoughts on “Votre Ken Goldstein du semain

  1. Agus ce he an duine seo, an Ken Goldstein an sheachtaine seo leat? [Irish: “And who is this person, this Ken Goldstein of the week of yours?”] ‘Fraid we haven’t been formally introduced…

  2. Ken is a good friend of mine; we worked together on the most outlandish press releases of all time while working for M-2K about (holy cow) four years ago.

    Our friendship actually deepened once we weren’t working together. I guess I missed standing behind him while he was working and bothering him in various inventive ways.

    The KG of the week is some sort of outgrowth of such teasing.

    And, it’s important to note that of all my pals during the big tear-gas festival of WTO on Capitol Hill, Ken was the only one who chose to accompany me in moving toward the circling helicopters, distressing “bang” noises, and Darth-Vader-clad riot police. By which I mean to imply he’s capable of foolhardiness and courage.

  3. I wanted to turn back, but unfortunately once the momentum of my huge melon head gets going, it takes a while to get it to change direction.

    For the record, if you’re heading towards an area where there might be tear gas, I would strongly suggest that you bring some bottled water to wash out your eyes. However, if you’re on the outskirts of the gassing, as bad as it might feel, the effects won’t last for that long.

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