From the mid-twenties until the beginning of World War II, the Navy had at its disposal two fully-equipped LTA bases from which the great dirigibles could operate. These were, and remain, Lakehurst in New Jersey, the first of these bases, and the lesser-known Moffet Field in Sunnyvale California, just south of Anaheim (just south of the newspaper offices of that bastion of God, guns, guts, abd development, the Orange County Register).

I was pleased to see it as we drove by on our way back to Laguna Beach from a wedding in Pasadena.

The low structures I’ve indicated with brackets are the great hangars.

3 thoughts on “Moffet Field from I-5 (Blimp Week followup part IV)

  1. Yup!

    But not when I posted this…

    I learned it when we drove from Laguna to LAX via the toll road that passes to the south of these hangars, and much higher than them.

    I need to research, but I’m pretty sure that this photo is actually of a derelict ww2-era coastal defense base on the Tustin Marine base.

    I saw the Goodyear blimp several times while in Cali, since that same stretch of road goes by the summer field for the blimp, and I mis-applied my arithmetic.

    I will address at greater length in YA Blimp Week followup.

  2. Moffet and Sunnyvale are in the Bay area. Anaheim is just north of Newport Beach which is where Tustin is. Marine Corps Air Station (Helicopter), Tustin is in the city of Irvine. Due east of Newport. Certainly no where near Sunnyvale.

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