danelope_site_avatar_head.jpgOn October 22, 2001, Mr. Lope, in his longer-entries section, posted an entry concerning his purchase of a digital camera. It was a day which started with no hint of the ghastly events to come.

“As I wandered through the path shooting photos at various light levels and distances, I noticed that three squirrels had apparently become fixated with the camera, so I stopped to see how tight of a shot I could get. As I leaned over, talking to one squirrel to coax it nearer, it leapt onto my face (complete with requisite teeth-gnashing and claw-swiping) and latched onto my glasses, pulling them from my face and attempting to run away with them. After spouting several choice expletives and retrieving my specs, I decided that I’d had my fill of nature.”

Many moons later, Mr. Lope posted a photo of the ‘accursed rodent’ moments before the wild attack began.

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