danelope_site_avatar_head.jpgOn October 3, 2000, Mr. Lope penned a few breif lines that directly contradict the central thesis of Being John Malkovich.

Of course, he’s also 2903.

This has nothing to do with Mr. Lope or anything, but my favorite part of Lawrence of Arabia is after Lawrence and the surviving boy under his, um, care pass through a blasted, abandoned Army base at the side of the Suez Canal, and emerge on the banks of the waterway. A lone motorcyclist on the opposite bank appears, and stops when hailed.

Cupping his hands, the British biker shouts over the unbridged gap of water and sand.

“Who are you?”

After a pause, he repeats the question with greater urgency. Lean cuts to a reverse-angle closeup of Lawrence’s face.

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