8 thoughts on “Barbered

  1. When I first met Mike, it was during the grunge era and he had long, long luxurious hair that flowed down his back and a backwards baseball cap (he looked like cousin it from behind). My first thought was that he was actually bald underneath the cap, which it turned out he was not. As the years rolled by I experienced pictures and videos of a younger Mike who had many many different hair uh….designs, all of which were self created, some were cute and wild and punk, some were, well, down right scary, especially the half shaven head and have shaven beard,the only look I’m so grateful to not have been around for…Normal? never. This look, is just fine with me. and in a few weeks it will be new look again.

  2. Wow… that’s my greatest fear… and one of two reasons behind not letting just *anyone* touch my hair. The first? Many, many, MANY! traumatizingly bad haircuts as a child.

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