The Bare Knuckle Boxers are my old Irish music rock band, in whch I played this electric mandolin. I also ran the old version of the website, which is worth rummaging through. Last night Greg (the other ex-mando slinger of BKB) and Karel (ex-guitarist) dropped in on the current version of the band at Mulleady’s in Magnolia. Mulleady’s was always a fun place to play and they sounded just fine.

The occasion was a CD release; the recording features the new lineup and while I have just finished ripping it to listen to it, I have not yet played it. As I was ripping the disc I dug into my archives to find material that the original lineup of the band recorded.

I hadn’t listened to the older stuff for a while; it sounds good! I’m looking forward to hearing the new stuff.

These three songs were recorded at Gravelvoice in May, 1999. The songs ‘All for Me Grog’ and ‘The Gallowglass’ were released on a split single (genuine vinyl!) by Seattle character Wally Hargrave of Estate Records. Haven’t run into him lately – wonder what’s doin’ at the Estate?