I bring you the COMPLETE RUN of the now-legendary ‘zine “TUSSIN UP”, in memory of my pal and the zine’s publisher Steve Millen.

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Kate Matthew of San Francisco for sending along the missing issues. They should be headed back to her via US Mail as you read this.

Be aware that this ‘zine is probably not the sort of thing to proudly show around the office.

In a note to Ken concerning Tussin Up and Steve, I noted some things of interest:

]]>Steve M, who produced the Tussins I’m posting, graduated high school in Bloomington in 1969. R. Emmet Tyrell, who graduated IU in 1969, began publishing the American Spectator shortly thereafter, and as you know, published the Spectator while an undergrad. Tryrell has been quoted, if I recall, as admiring Paul Krassners’ “the Realist”, which I heartily recommend.

Steve was a libertarian socialist, and his political views have very strongly influenced mine. However, when he was a kid, he belonged to … Young Americans for Freedom. The chapter president? R. Emmett Tyrell.

Steve told me more than once that he wanted Tussin to be a locally-oriented version of the Realist. I’ve come to conclude that it was also a version of the Spectator. Not the American Spectator, mind you; but it makes me suspect that those old issues might be pretty funny. Steve HATED Tyrell, though. He was hilarious ranter, when he got going, and that was one thing you could get him to go on and on about.