danelope_site_avatar_sm.jpgOne of my favorite blogneighbors is the oft-a-bit-exasperated-seeming Danelope, whose wit, intellect, and deadpan sense of humor frequently bring a chuckle or snort of interest from me.

Mr. Lope, as I shall refer to him here in magisterial fiction, lives in the University District and I beleive is originally of Floridian extraction. I have never encountered him in real life. He claims to be twenty-five years of age. Sometime after I began perusing his works, I came to realize that this person is also the man who contributed the catalyzing clue to the Kaycee Nicole saga.

Recently, Mr. Lope wondered if he’d overstayed his welcome in blogland. I for one, welome our … no, wait, that’s not the right catchphrase. Let me try again.

The response was the predictable outcry from Mr. Lope’s teeming audience, including yours truly. In fact, I somehow channeled the true appearance of Mr. Lope’s website, considered in avatar as a ‘low-rent comic book superhero.’

Lucky for my viewing audience, I recently uncovered a visualization tool for this avatar, featured here.

In the context of my automatic telescript delivery, the Great Scriptwriter in the Sky saw fit to put the words “I promise to gank, with credit, one a day, for an entire week, once you return to duty.” into my mouth.

Forthwith, this entry shall be the first of my dischargements of this debt.

On May 9, 2002 this entry noted an informative survey of cabbits, the cat-rabbit hybrid that promises to be all the rage in about fifteen years. This link was found by poking through the results for the search term kitten at Mr. Lope’s web site.

It should be noted that whatever Mr. Lope’s assertions regarding my sanity, he remains wholly unqualified to practice psychiatry in the state of Washington and shall remain so for the foreseeable future.

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