Viv and I drove up to Snoqualmie Falls this afternoon and walked around the old trains near the depot. It was obviously the off-season, and while the plants down around our apartment are beginning to think it’s Spring, the trees at the higher elevation of the Pass are under no such misapprehension.

Wait, can trees experience apprehension?


The trains and the depot were interesting both for what they are and the activity around them – there were numerous volunteers, mostly sportin’ ye olde-tyme striped overalls, beavering away madly on the stock, rolling and otherwise.

Despite the volunteers’ obvious devotion to repairing and restoring the engines, cars, and miscellaneous multi-wheeled objects somewhere between the two, I found the most compelling aspect of them to be their obvious age and weathering. The most aged-appearing engine was the most interesting thing to look at.

Although the ten-foot black-painted blades of the rotary snowplow’s snout were pretty cool, too.

A few blocks away from the open and walkable area by the depot are some more old engines, mostly in even rougher shape than the easily accessible material on display.

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