So, the radio mentions a four-alarm fire in my neighborhood, and says it’s at ‘8th and Seneca,’ which is actually not quite in my neighborhood. I mapquest it and realize it’s near Michael.

A click later, and I’m reading eclecticism : More trouble at the Jensonia, Michael’s on-the-spot account, with pictures.

While I’m talking about Michael, I should note his excellent summary of the mostly-forgotten mid-1800s war between the US and Britain that took place in Washington’s lovely San Juan Islands, off shore and to the north of Seattle, due west from Bellingham.

One thought on “Blog magic

  1. Heya Mike, it’s me, Tami, you know the one, you put me and my friends up for a few days a couple years ago… 🙂

    Speaking of blog magic, I was over at Everything Burns, my friend Jymm’s blog, and saw that you are a regular over there.

    I’ve known Jymm since the days of 300 baud BBSing (mid-80’s) – geez, that’s getting close to 20 years ago I guess.

    Anyway, I think it is interesting how all the weirdos find each other —

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