Spalding Gray, 62, Actor and Monologuist, Is Confirmed Dead [NYT] – Gray called from the ferry, saying he was going to visit some friends. – MLB – John Henry Williams dies; lies frozen beside Ted [ESPN via BoingBoing] – A message left for Williams’ lawyers was not returned.

Zapata Murder Trial Begins [P-I]- No telephones appear in this story, although it begins at the Comet.

Aristide Under Lock and Key, Delegation Says [Magic City News]- “Mildred Aristide answered the phone. I said, ‘Hello Mildred, this is Kim Ives, we are here.’ At that point, the phone line went dead. We have tried to call many times since then but there has been no answer.” This article is interesting; I hope a non-activist source investigates.

Witness says phone went dead when she asked suspect if he killed girl [San Diego Union Tribune] – A woman testified today that she asked if her acquaintance was the murderer – then the line went dead. (Bonus points for proper use, in the lede.)

3 thoughts on “…and then the phone went dead.

  1. “Bradshaw said it would have taken her killer a few minutes to squeeze the life out of her — about the length of one of her songs.”


  2. I guess that’s a point in favor writing shorter material. If anyone ever tries to kill the guys from RUSH, they’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

    It’s interesting to see an update to this case – So, Mike, you think this is the guy?

  3. I have no idea, Wil.

    It’s a DNA case, though. Despite that, the guy’s defense attorney is showing signs of fight.

    I believe I recall reading that the defendant is a Marelito, one of the Cubans that came over in the 1980s boatlift which included large numbers of released prisoners.

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