I had a couple of beers with a new friend and promised to dig up some links on the Dick Tracy watches recently developed by Microsoft. I’m particularly looking for a specific blog that I thought had trackbacked me on something. Thus far, I think my recollection was flawed.

Spotlight on SPOT is a dedicated blog that I bet he’s familiar with.

I think the site I was looking for is here. Paul Robichaux wrote about his SPOT watch here, here, and here.

I also mentioned the band Midnight Thunder Express, but today Karel let me know that they broke up, I guess. It was still a great show.

I myself have also been rooting around in search of certain other sites I know I’ve seen before on several topics. I have a good handle on iSight and iChat stuff, but I know I saw an excellent overview site when I was first researching it. I have no idea what it was called and naturally, I neglected to bookmark it.

The other topic I’m chasing (again) is iDVD theme construction, which is woefully underdocumented. Michael Braly linked to some tutorials back in April, 2003, but the links presented there, as I recall, provided instruction more on how to hack existing themes than on crafting them from scratch. Ah well, time’s up for today.

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