I’m doing some backfill homework tonight, watching the 1997 documentary Trekkies, which for whatever reason I missed the first time out. I’m laying ground work for my long-mused-about look at fanfic flicks.

At fifteen minutes in there’s a five-second or less clip of two costumed fans I can name, Jimm and Josh Johnson, who will, I expect, appear in the forthcoming Trekkies II for their Starship Exeter fanflick.

It startled me. It’s not every day you recognize a Starfleet captain and his Andorian first officer when you pop a documentary into the box.

3 thoughts on “Taken by surprise

  1. Spiner Fems!

    Trekkies is human pathos at it’s richest. I cried. No, really.

    Trekkies and Galaxy Quest would make a great double feature (though I’d happily watch Alan Rickman sneer at _anything_).

  2. I was Googling people that appeared as I was watching. The most interesting result?

    Gabe Koerner, the teenager who only appears onscreen wearing a uniform and borderline mullet and displays an Asperger-like intensity of devotion, was a CGI guy on the recent SciFi Channel Battlestar Galactica, which is exec produced by the notable ex-TNG and DS9 guy Ronald D. Moore.

    As I’ve written before, an extensive, angry interview given by Moore to Cinescape prior to my time there makes me think that, maaaaybe, BG v.2 is Moore’s shot at a takedown on current Treklords Berman and Braga.

    (Sorry for the bogus search results, the mag offers no decent search refinement tools. The interview starts with the ‘Profile’ entry and proceeds through the roman numerals.)

    Braga, BTW, was the only production cheese to appear on screen in Trekkies.

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