Bells and Whistles: Naked in America.

Sounds like AZ needs a little Flexcar – er, I mean, I-Go. Oh look, a referral-based membership discount.

Viv and I are founding members of the initial branch here in Seattle. Haven’t made much use of it lately, having a decent (if dented) car.

I have had issues with them over some marketing and customer service decisions. We joined under an expensive upfront payment ‘lifetime’ membership plan which lasted exactly as long as the federal and city subsidies, two years. I did, I am happy to report, get the CEO on the phone and raked him over the coals without mercy but politely for a good forty-five minutes, which did not lead to a policy change but which felt good. I’m also certain that the man in question was both taken aback by my anger and one hopes that the company’s other locales avoided the same errors in marketing.

That said, Flexcar has proved a highly attractive and useful option. The cars are immaculate, so far, and have been rotated and replaced about once every two years. There are a variety of vehicles available. Interested persons who believe that the idea of a commons is an important and useful feature of civilized life are highly encouraged to explore the service. Insert gratuitous crack about SUV-driving suburban anti-tax activists here.

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