eclecticism > Caucus Time: Michael reports on the Washington state caucus experience. Michael lives literally across the street from Town Hall, where Governor Dean most recently spoke in the city; he reports a 2/3 split from his precinct: Kerry over Dean.

While I think it’s clear that the concerns of anti-war persons are being upheld with this weeks’ news, I have to say that I can’t imagine a Kerry victory over Bush in the fall. The Democratic contender is certain to face a late-October disclosure of Osama’s capture, and only an uncompromising critic of everything – everything – the Bush administration has done and stands for will be able to save the country from a Republican steamroll.

Now, while I’m not as skeptical of Kerry’s qualifications as either presidential candidate or officeholder as some, (who also weigh in with a first-hand report), I do concur with the general idea that this election will set the political tenor of this country for the next few generations.

Time to get my passport renewed. How’s the economy up in B.C. these days?

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  1. what are you guys crazy? forget about the dems, I’m voting for the only viable option: Nader in 2004!!
    P.s. unless frodo runs.

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