How I PC’d an Apple G5 turns out to be a practical joke spun out of control, says the 1/27/04 update to the original cringe-inducing post.

Rest easy, America. It will be at least a few years before someone does something like this for real.

I still think duct taping a laptop drive to a transistor battery inside a cheese grater with a circuit board and illuminated flashlight bulb would make a swell mod. You could even cut off the bottom of the grater and made a down-market G5 Cube.

One thought on “G5 to PC mod: hoax

  1. This incident merely reinforces in my mind the fact that not only are a large portion of Mac users insane enough to pay exorbitant prices for every time-release upgrade Apple spoon-feeds them, but they are also insane enough to literally cry about what someone else did to their own computer. There’s appreciation, and there’s fandom, and then there’s sodding crazy.

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