iChat Knows Where I Am, blogs EIC Jason Snell at Macworld. He’s whipped up a mildly kludgy AppleScript to set iChat’s broadcast indicator status to recognize his current location, either ‘at the office’ or ‘at home.’

Hm. This doesn’t directly apply to my needs right now, but it’s an interesting idea… I like the idea of status indicators available to good friends and family. In my case, something like ‘vacuuming,’ ‘washing dishes,’ ‘doing laundry,’ ‘jobhunting,’ and the like might be cool. Not that I have any idea how to automate that.

Tangentially: look! blogs at Macworld! Looks like Jason has been at it since January 20, and Mac 911 dude Chris Breen has been going since December.

One thought on “Mac hat trick: Scripting iChat

  1. Can someone tell me it is possible to save a radio stream on a pals broadband and play it back the next day on a stand alone pc from cd. if so what sw do I need.

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