Damn, if platters gave off cyano fumes I’d be a dead man.

Within the last week I completed the authoring process on some archival DVDs for an early-80’s band, for distro only to a tiny group, and found myself with a list of people that collectively have been promised delivery of about fifty discs, variously DVD and CD.

This is a totally noncommercial project, so at best I expect a couple comp CDs later on from some of the folks. It’s wildly time consuming. I’m glad I’ve done this; but I think next time I’ll be a bit more disciplined in what I promise to whom.

I *should* be done with the DVD portion of the burning run by bedtime.

4 thoughts on “burn baby burn

  1. just who is this 1980’s band?? hehe I might just be interested!! haha. seriously there are a few things you may have that I so seriously need and am willing to burn you somthing for….excuse me, I gotta go get an ice cold gatoraide, right now…

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