Integrating Gallery into MovableType – a tutorial. Another project pointer.

The discussion in the forum is about getting recent or random images from Gallery and displaying them inline on MT, a pretty cool idea but not quite what I’m looking for.

The thread originator has his tutorial here and in the body of the piece says, “The basic idea here is that we’re using the MT template system to dynamically create the header and footer wrappers that Gallery will insert around it’s content.”

To which I say, that is an approach that holds some promise. It’s still a blanket solution though; and additionally it appears to simply replace MT functionality with Gallery photo albums.

The ideal would be to have Gallery-ness apply only to specified posts or categories. hmmm.

I should note that the recent updates to Gallery include the very welcome additions of an ‘offline mode,’ which enables cold-HTML duplication of a given Gallery’s content, useful for burning CDs from Gallery (a Good Thing) and a reasonably robust skinning capability, unfortunately not directly accessible in the admin or guest UI and possibly not assignable on an album-by-album basis.

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