Spaceflight Now: Spirit rover suffers ‘serious anomaly’

After a day of troubleshooting, engineers have not yet been able to restore communications with the Spirit rover, which stopped beaming back science and engineering data Wednesday. Project manager Pete Theisinger at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., described the situation as “a very serious anomaly,” but said it was too soon to say what might be causing the problem, whether it might be potentially fatal or whether the spacecraft can be restored to normal operation.


Maybe they pulled funding already, this being an unmanned mission? That’s a joke,sort of.

One thought on “Is Spirit dead on Mars?

  1. The Spirit should have at least changed its Status to “Be Back Soon!” before going incommunicado. Or maybe this is just NASA’s way of saying “See, if this was a MANNED mission, we could just call and ask!”

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