The Illuminated Donkey takes a fare-thee-well glance at every power-crazed political criminal’s favorite bevvy, Johnny Walker!

I’ll drink to that!

(Full disclosure: as part of an endorsement deal with The Illuminated Donkey, the author of this website once received a half-empty bottle of Johnny Walker Red, or some substantial drinks, or something, from noted wanna-be Broadway impresario Ken Goldstein. I can’t remember. There was a lot of alcohol involved. There may have been women.)

(confidential to Yassir Shizmebehbe: It’s been a busy damn week over here, and I am NOT sending you the goddamn scotch. If I did, Goldie would see it in your bar, and then he’d get wise, see? That’s the last thing we want at this stage.

But we will reimburse for up to 50 percent of business related bartabs for Mr. Goldstein on your card on receipt of the initial score and lyrics for legal review. There’s some nibbles from Taymor regarding a sort of revisionist thing, especially if we can work the whole alcoholic seeks redemption angle into the plot – separate, of course, from the score and the tunes. It’s ironic, see?

Looking forward to meeting your new PA and ‘secretary’ on the links Friday. Best to the little lady.)

One thought on “Bottoms Up!

  1. Mr. Whybark,

    The misunderstandings continue.

    I do not drink alcohol, and as discussed, Mr. Goldstein’s scotch consumption is & will continue to be 100% your problem.

    If I may say, it is this kind of shifty financial dealing that strains relations. You might want to reconsider your approach if you wish to continue our arrangement.

    And if your innuendo intends to smear the good name of my blessed bride, Mr. Whybark, I will not hesitate to remove your tongue & hands and feed them to snakes & elephants.

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