Here it is!


Suitable for framing, using as a desktop, or any such thing that strikes your fancy. I have a very limited supply of Ken Goldsteins, and would like to take the opportunity to solicit more Ken Goldsteins. I will, I promise, add to the publically available selection, and possibly – just possibly – make amusing photoshop art with them, such as superimposing Ken’s head on the face of a pulp-fiction astronaut or possibly – and this is no promise, just me letting the creative muse wander – witty animations in which the various Ken Goldsteins act as, oh, let’s say vaudeville stars.

And, you know, given enough Ken Goldsteins, it’s possible, I think, to conceive of a great and mighty work for the internet in the sorry post-boom days. Dare I convey it?

Of course I do. If you ask nicely, someday, yes my friends, there may well appear in your browser the Kengoldstein Dance. But only given a sufficient supply of Ken Goldsteins.

Did I mention that Ken Goldstein has a blog, called the Illuminated Donkey and that I’ve badgered, teased, and amused Ken Goldstein into linking to me quite frequently?

Alas, I, in my churlish self-absorption, have linked to Ken much less frequently.

No more! From now on, I promise! A Ken Goldstein of the week while supplies last – and they’ll last some time if my readers (all six of you, no make that five, one just clicked out on one of these many, many links to Ken Goldstein‘s blog, the Illuminated Donkey) supply me with more!

the Illuminated Donkey has actually also provided me with a lead, by tracking down many other Ken Goldsteins here and here.

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  1. I didn’t but the ORIGINAL Ken Goldstein, the one in the picture, did. He has a little article about it which i actually linked to in the story. Naturally, I don’t know which link it is.

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