Moorcock´s Weekly Miscellany is a nuke-clone based update to the former, long hosted by the capable Berry Sizemore for Mr. Moorcock.

I interviewed Mike early last year about his current Elric series and the impending movie, and he discusses it quite freely in the PHPBB forums on the new site, mentioning at one point a budget of – $100m!!!

He also mentions that they are aiming at a trilogy; 100 mil is less than half the budget for Jackson’s LOTR but definitely respectable. Fellow ur-geeks will in all likelyhood find a stroll through the site rewarding.

One thought on “Moorcock's Weekly Miscellany

  1. I just did a search at Google for Moorcock´s Weekly Miscellany and discovered this news release at your site, Mike. You are kind indeed and I appreciate the compliment. Noone’s every used the word capable to describe my efforts before and I am swelling with pride.

    Here’s that search string:

    People are picking the change up very fast. God I love Google.

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