Five-part iLife (iLife 04), $49, release Jan. 16. Not sure what the parts are. Steve refers to Garageband, the rumored music-prooduction tool.

Addons include a $99 music keyboard – Apple branded? Uncertain from listening.

Shit! I wanna go out in the snow, but I want to know what the ‘one more thing’; is gonna be! Mini-Pods? Good marketing theme add-on to Garageband.

Hm, what else – the rumor about Safari update release doesn’t appear to be confirmed in my Software Update window.

No update yet to; no URL at yet (10:50 am).

Cheryl Crow, Elijah Wood in iLife video.

Back to Steve; reviewing iPod success. First in unit sales, first in revenue in portable player category. 10 gb -> 15 gb same price ($299). In-ear headphones, $39. Last thing on the iPod (oh yeah, Steve?) is: a new ad.

Steve continuing iPod theme, looking at non-Apple share of the market: dominated by flash-based players. The rest is other HD-based players ‘that we are in the process of eliminating with the iPod’ (audience laughs).

Announcement: the iPod Mini, 4gb. 100 song storage. 1/2″ inch think. $249. OUCH. Good product comparison to category, though; $169-200 for under a gig in the category. “Size of a business card.” iPod UI. Solid state scroll wheel. FW and USB 2, both chargeable. Cables, belt-clip included. Accessories available: a dock and an armband. Looks like a backlit LCD screen.

Does iPod UI mean the contact and scheduling stuff is included?

“Just one more thing about the iPod Mini, it comes in colors.” Whoop-de-doo.

Ships February in the US and April worldwide.

Still talking!

OSX transition is officially over. Reviewing points in presentation.

The REAL One Last Thing:

Give Apple people a hand. Audience does. And that’s it.


$49 for iLife with updated versions PLUS GarageBand? Is that it? If so, I’m sold and I will be picking that up, as I’ve been in the market for a multitrack recording solution; OTOH if GarageBand is to SoundTrack as iDVD is to DVD Studio Pro, mmm, maybe not: I need the app to support 8-in realtime feeds, just like an 8-track digital recording device.

Hate the price point on the MiniPod. Love everything else. 4gb is perfectly acceptable. Is it a bootable device?

I’m headed snow-ward!