Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: William Vollmann’s Rising Up and Rising Down, an oral history.

After reading this, I am antsy for the book to get here.

Ken mentioned that he’d heard Eggers mention a) they were publishing the book and b) it was going to be reasonably priced. It was on the phone or something, instant messaging, I don’t recall.

He wasn’t 100% what the book was, but he knows that I love Vollmann’s work (I haven’t yet read every word, but will eventually), and I filled in some of the details. This was in late November – I figured that meant the book was years away, given the intricacies of getting a project of this scope out the door.

Now, reading the McSweeney’s Oral History I am consumed with jealousy and overtaken with fantasies of moving to SF to camp out on the Valencia project floor: I would LOVE to edit Bill’s work, and to edit the personal obsession that he may think is his most important work – and which I believe stems from a very personal part of him – well, my God, Eli – that’s Eli Horowitz, on the assumption my Googlejuice will draw you, you lucky man – I’m green with envy and giddy with joy for you, for me, for Bill, for us.