Dan viddys a link on the Prof and his religion. Of interest to those following certain topics here of late.

On simply starting to read this I emphasize the potential interest. Good stuff.

And on conclusion, I reiterate. Worth reading, but definitely concerned with a) the books and b) a catholic viewpoint of them.

The parent site, Decent Films, specializes in the like, and from a casual sampling, appears to be both thoughtful and, erm, catholic in many of the films it reviews. I found the site an interesting browse.

One thought on “T=+: +olkien and X

  1. I spent a good deal of time browsing through the site as well, and was interested to note how many (most?) reviews seemed well-balanced in consideration of artistic merit and moral edification. For a site with an overtly pro-Catholic slant, even the less-righteous films received fair criticism for their plot and direction. (They panned Battlefield: Earth for being an awful film; not for attempting to espouse the “message” of Scientology. They also, hilariously, panned Babe 2.)

    That said, many reviews suffer from the typical Catholic-head-in-sand syndrome (and I say this as a Catholic, of sorts) of disbelief that anyone could have valid qualms with the church, that anyone could actively question their religious convictions, and that a certain segment of Catholics just go through the motions out of habit. (These points was particularly emphasized in the review of Dogma, and similar notions were expressed in several articles concerning Star Wars.)

    Overall, a thought-provking collection of opinions, provided you don’t take them altogether seriously. Kinda like the Catechism…

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