Sunday night, walking up the hill from seeing Master and Commander (verdict: excellent if reactionary, a forgivable vice in an historical romance, featuring the best sailing-ship sea battles ever committed to bits’n’film) we ambled by Clever Dunnes, which bravely lofts the orange, green and white in my otherwise unconcerned with tradition neighborhood. I’ve mentioned Dunnes before (the food is good, generous, reasonably priced, and up to the competition hereabouts) and I’ve wondered if the place would get a seisun going.

Well, I looked in the window as we strolled by and saw two slightly bewildered-looking folks playing or singing along with a couple others, and I think I saw two acoustic guitars and a bodhran – which makes me think I saw a seisun a-borning.

After the holidays, I’ll look into this further – but if this is what’s happening, I really should drop by. It’s only blocks away.