You know what’s funny?

What’s funny is when Ken mocks his failure to gain votes in a weblog awards poll by declaring a boycott of the poll, allowing him to “consider every vote I do not receive in the poll a tacit expression of support,” only to garner comments wholly in support of his boycott.

Now that’s funny!

(I’ve been trying to conceptualize how to bring out a line of Ken Goldstein toys, by the way. I’m still sorta chewing it over, but I thought maybe a plush doll, board game, and line of back-to-school supplies might be nice. Any other ideas?)

15 thoughts on “What's funny!

  1. You already have the T-shirts.

    Plush dolls are always good. A line of KG playing cards would also work, with perhaps various KGotW images serving as the Kings and Jacks; and, of course, dancing bananas.

  2. No, THAT wasn’t some kind of joke! Whenever I try to be funny people think I’m serious! Whenever I try to be serious people think I’m being funny! Damn you all from my weird lonely Bizarro World of Hell!

  3. How about nothing! How about I just got home from work and have to think about my-head-shaped backpacks! I’m suing somebody after I drink this J-Dub-Black!

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