Goodyear blimp drifts into truck; cameraman injured (SF Chronicle)

The “Spirit of America” got away yesterday. Here’s a pic.

Somedays, I miss borrowing wire photos and running them here. But I’m trying to respect creators’ rights so, uh, no pic here, darn it.

While I’m referring to Blimp Week, I should link to the category page. Several of the entries associated with Blimp Week have become hit magnets on the site as well:

  • Getcha Blimp Rides Heah! reliably draws inquiries from those who believe I am able to provide just such a commodity, presumably via Seattle Pacific Zeppelin Airlines.
  • The Wreck of the Shenandoah and the followup have become hubs for recollections of both the wreck of the airship itself over Ohio in the twenties and for anecdotes that have some relationship to the tragedy, one of the great under-reported events in the history of flight. After our visit to DC, I was frustrated, yet again, by the short shrift that LTA gets in most air museums, the notable exception being the Tillamook Air Museum, housed in a former blimp hanger at a decommissioned Navy LTA base.

There’s a ton more interesting stuff in the category, including information on toy blimps, other blimp wrecks, the bankruptcy of Cargolifter, and of course, the Blimp Week theme song.

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