So I noticed that faithful chucklehead Andy Ihnatko wasn’t in my most recent ish of Macworld, something that was visible coming when he was removed from his last-page perch a couple issues ago.

What should I find but that the Boston-based pedant has signed on to the good ship Mac Observer, and that furthermore, he’s covering, as any good Mac scribe would, Panther (he’s a skeptic).

Apparently he’s been over there since September. And you know who else I saw in the house? Bob LeVitus.

What, did the site get funding, or are times hard? I read iBrotha before Rodney decided to move on, but GAWD I hate the damn look of the site – flashing blinking gewgaws make it pretty hard to actually read the content, and for the love of Mike (that’s me) the two-inch top banner is pretty horrific as well.

But hmmm… At any rate, nice to know where Andy is these days.