The world’s longest Jason Webley interview.

I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed having the conversations with him, less so the transcription labor.

So what was happening while I was running this interview? My brother-in-law was called to fire duty in California and spent several days in the mountains near Big Bear. He is a firefighter in Orange County. As you can imagine, we followed the fire news with interest. We just heard Sunday that he’s back home safely.

On Sunday we caught Alien, finally. I laughed when I noticed that the name of the company is spelled W-e-y-l-a-n Yutani when it appears on screen. No doubt they added the D sometime before Ripley gets picked up.

Also, I was sad to not be able to link to the fabulous B2‘s Halloween blogbash, NaDruWriNi, or National Drunken Writer’s Night.

I got an early start and scheduled the night as we knew we were headed to a party – so I published a couple of the stories from the location of the party we attended (I was Heat Miser, an experience I recommend). I came home mildly impaired and poured a big glass of vodka, which not only ultra-impaired me, it led to this and this. It’s interesting that the prior entry to these two by me was made literally only minutes previous and while I did experience a typo that I was too crosseyed to correct, it’s at least coherent (See below, under “Nevermore,” the second link).

Fortunately, I redeem myself with these entries:

Uncoded: A horrible tale of drink-induced blackouts and… well, it’s a technical matter.

Gumby Bare: A large bar patron expresses frustration for his unrequited lust.

Bum Poo: A teaser for Bum Poo 2.

Xombies: I like this one a great deal. It’s concise!

Chloe: why blog canonical cat pictures, when you can write a horror story about said feline instead? Spot the physics reference!

Nevermore (props to Matty! See also here.) An idea whose time has come, and yet strangely never sufficiently hailed as genius.

Bum Poo 2. Noted reviewer B2 reviewer raves, “I have seen the true face of horror.”

The Black-Crowned Night Heron, Part I: in which the mascot of some eco-lobby group is revealed to be an hideous criminal mastermind stalked by someone whose name rhymes with Seagull and his pal, Joe.