Dom Polski. Yum. – 03:40 AM GMT
RT: @GlennF: Tried to use fingerprint recognition on iPhone and iOS said I was Garry Trudeau. – 06:42 AM GMT
@esinclai… // Maria Gallagher – 06:50 AM GMT
@whybark LOL – 06:57 AM GMT
@esinclai bought Sandinista and Stiff Records “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” tee on the same day. Only now is it seen to be just. – 06:38 PM GMT
@esinclai @azender me. Day of Springfest 1980, hadda jet, walked to Duroc, laid the cabbage down. Don’t recall you w/shirt, but possible. – 06:43 PM GMT
@esinclai @azender weirdly I did not get London Calling until overseas. Think I got the first LP and Give ‘Em Enough Rope w/ Sandinista too. – 06:44 PM GMT
@esinclai @azender Somehow I ended up with a US release 1st LP and a blue-cover UK release as well. Mystery. – 06:45 PM GMT