pleasant housewarming dinner @manwhoyells & KT’s new place with @DanEngler and Viv. What a beautiful rental, amazing remodel. – 05:58 AM GMT
Unfortunately, we saw an apparently-impaired person, in charge of a toddler, execute a horrific life fail as we drove in. – 06:00 AM GMT
Apparently stumbling drunk, she crossed one street without shepherding the child wandering behind her, or holding his hand or carrying him. – 06:01 AM GMT
noticed she was drunk-seeming as she wobbled around on the corner before going to cross the next street, turning to tell the child to come. – 06:02 AM GMT
He didn’t, she noticed the light changing, and then ran and half-assedly picked him up to run across just after the walk signal expired. – 06:04 AM GMT
Three quarters of the way across the street, they fell, hard, she face first, he head first. Double skullplant. Thankfully, traffic stopped. – 06:05 AM GMT
They lay for a while, it seemed like a looooong time. someone ran out and tried to get them out of the road, eventually picking the kid up. – 06:07 AM GMT
The kid is just howling. She is sobbing and apparently incoherent. The guy that moved them gets back in his car. She can’t even sit up. – 06:08 AM GMT
These were nice-looking well-dressed white people. The kid was wearing a new blue tee shirt and shorts, and she was wearing stylish jeans. – 06:09 AM GMT
Just before I had noticed them I noticed a guy on a bike in the same crosswalk as them, sort of yelling at them. He seemed upset. – 06:11 AM GMT
I thought it was kind of weird, until the toddler appeared from under the noses of the idling cars. – 06:12 AM GMT
Now I think the guy on the bike saw she was drunk, and was yelling at her to take care of the kid. – 06:12 AM GMT
All I can say is I sure hope that woman is not that kid’s mother, because that was straight-up child abuse. – 06:13 AM GMT