referring to someone as a “prick” is a highly effective way to get me to unfollow you. – 12:10 AM GMT
@jbacon bloody-minded literalist;) – 01:35 AM GMT
@dansinker stop that! – 01:36 AM GMT
i think i can frankenstein an airplay to analog projector networked video playback “system” or perhaps junkheap from old crap I have in hand – 03:28 AM GMT
networked video -> networked playback device (iphone, ipad, mmmmaybe preintel mac laptop) -> s-video out -> crappy projector -> screen – 03:30 AM GMT
variables include playback device video capacity, contortions to achieve s-vid playback, portability and placement of playback device – 03:32 AM GMT
We do have a pre-iphone video-capable ipod, with an s-video out dock. So I think that might be the bom bom jiggity. Power and sync remain. – 03:34 AM GMT
Screen: dumpstered. Projector: crazappy awful $10 device. This is the true craphound a/v theatre experience. Oh yeah. – 03:36 AM GMT
@sara_clarke isn’t that part of the Romulan backstory? I have no idea why I think that. Maybe the Vulcans were the underclass? Hot blood etc – 05:20 AM GMT
@sara_clarke that is correct. but somehow they are related, (TOS canon). ergo there’s a shared evolutionary history, implying shared planet. – 05:26 AM GMT
(via MeFi) John Boorman’s tilt at LoTR. whooo… – 06:05 AM GMT
on iOS RT: @brownpau: o hey new achewood – 03:05 PM GMT
happy day! – 03:05 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt I became concerned when Anthony Lane liked it, given his usual issues with genre films. Still going! In fact, gonna ask you! – 04:41 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt … Did we see D9 together? Seems unlikely. Anyway, wanna go despite your disavowal? – 04:42 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt that works. I’m not a big opening weekend filmgoer so there’s some time. – 04:45 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt oh, I see. Tonight’s out (baseball) but Sat is poss. If H is out maybe I should beer / feed you anyway. – 04:51 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt so yeah,see you Sat for whatever, movie or whatnot. Grilling or something. – 04:52 PM GMT
I will forever associate the Go-Gos with the Germs thanks to Don Bolles. – 05:06 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt dig it. Txt thread started. – 05:08 PM GMT