lol guy posting on the internet about how the soft gee gif is wrong – 12:03 AM GMT
@billbarol dogmannit, what are you, John Titor? – 12:04 AM GMT
RT: @matthewbaldwin: Kathy Lee Jifford – 12:22 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm rockist /whispering – 12:22 AM GMT
@sugarfreak maybe YOU don’t – 12:25 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm well, look, Daft Punk is punk! it’s in the name! (i actually don’t have a dog here, they are not for me. predictably) – 12:28 AM GMT
@anildash multipass – 01:52 AM GMT
@gjcharlet dude. that really is. – 04:41 AM GMT
@manwhoyells delightful. we just discussed whether or not I should have them save the dog’s leg tomorrow. Viv said no. 🙁 – 05:10 AM GMT
.@duckduckgo pointed me at their results page for moi and as a result I see that Yaflicklrhoo has indeed restored all, at least back to ’07. – 05:13 AM GMT
Last hour as a quadruped – 03:59 PM GMT
Noticed there is a British food section at my local QFC. Cans of mushy peas, UK-trade dress HP sauces. Logically, next to the Indian food. – 05:20 PM GMT
Also, Airstrip One: your emergency security committee shares its name w/ fictional organization of supervillains:… – 05:26 PM GMT