hey @arthurwyatt go take notes on the Rob Ford thing. it is literally taking place in a megacity. – 04:08 AM GMT
RT: @jackwilliambell: My verdict: the 2nd new Trek is better than the first new Trek. A lot better. – 06:15 AM GMT
.@jackwilliambell interesting! you are the second tweet review that makes me look forward to it instead of fearing it. – 06:16 AM GMT
RT: @samuelpepys: A boy showed us the church where Van Trump lies. There is a sea-fight cut in marble, with the smoke, the best expressed that ever I saw. – 04:39 PM GMT
Sammy’s talking about Maarten Tromp’s grave. Check out his bio: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maarten_T… // twice enslaved after capture by pirates. – 04:41 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough it’s where the Swedes finally put paid to Napoleon – 04:43 PM GMT
@poupou 🙁 – 04:54 PM GMT
@mubay it’s pretty good! I haven’t cared for any of the top-down real time drag-to-navigate sims. this is classic old-school hex gaming. – 05:14 PM GMT
@mubay makes me think, yet again, the old SJG stuff could be ported. OGRE! – 05:15 PM GMT
@praguepainter awesome – 05:16 PM GMT
RT: @praguepainter: motherlode of heavy metal iconography, battle jackets etc tshirtslayer.com – 05:16 PM GMT
@praguepainter yes! here’s a start. pic.twitter.com/Gv9Mryf3PN – 05:52 PM GMT
@praguepainter go man go – 05:53 PM GMT
@praguepainter fooo – 05:55 PM GMT
@praguepainter there is merit in this nonsense. been meaning to figure out the soundcloud thing for this use. world’s first twitter band. – 05:57 PM GMT
@praguepainter i hear that. I’ll check out the soundcloud thing. my ipad as painting device experiment is looking promising in some ways – 06:03 PM GMT
@praguepainter this is all iPad, the Japanese pitcher for the M’s I like. lotta photoreference, obviously. pic.twitter.com/g1obop4Rlq – 06:04 PM GMT
@praguepainter the small size of the surface is weird. resizing works ok. lack of physics between stylus & mark shape is WRONG – 06:06 PM GMT
@praguepainter but the thing is, I have it with me ALL THE TIME, it’s more accessible than a sketchpad even. no setup time. – 06:07 PM GMT
@praguepainter i should get my paintnin gear at least laid out so I see it on my way to, like, mow the lawn or whatever – 06:09 PM GMT
@praguepainter I think screens push one to an illustrative thing, the camera and photoref is just soooo handy. musing on how to beat that. – 06:11 PM GMT
@praguepainter I used to do these elaborate mechanical-pencil and graphpaper blueprints for imaginary things, like when I was 12 – 06:13 PM GMT
@praguepainter have always dug the rush i get from successful mimesis, though. i look at my charcoal stuff from 20 years ago and it’s crazy. – 06:16 PM GMT
@praguepainter insane, harsh marks, totally physical, like I smashed the charcoal into the paper without trying to control the mark – 06:17 PM GMT
@praguepainter but the marks add up to a representational image. Can’t get the markmaking on a screen, yet, I think. – 06:18 PM GMT
@praguepainter you know, it’s funny, I don’t recall seeing her drawings! we never had a studio class together. – 06:21 PM GMT
Viv just fired up Dr. Horrible. Damn, still so good. – 06:46 PM GMT
grr, bugs in Ace Patrol: lost the starter campaign when app failed to connect to App Store. – 07:30 PM GMT
Time to go install some exterior lighting. – 07:31 PM GMT
@praguepainter totally right after I saw your tweet. look at my reply timestamps, and you can time it, I bet. – 10:47 PM GMT
@praguepainter I’m kinda proud of the broken Yggdrasil. I feel subculturally literate. – 10:48 PM GMT