MORE MEDICAL FUCKERY this time featuring a receptionist who told me she was hanging up on me as they do not take messages. The free market! – 01:41 AM GMT
@telemetrist @manwhoyells hal holbrook in clown makeup – 05:34 AM GMT
@ardaniel @hell0jed astounding and delightful! i do a similar thing but just baselines, and the hard way (no guide, but WANT) – 05:41 AM GMT
@NekoCase yes. lovely and delightful and that man is just infuriating. Men. Those men. And women. Back then. – 05:42 AM GMT
@NekoCase …and of course, all the time through both books I have Herman’s Hermits ennering away in my head – 05:43 AM GMT
@NekoCase it was a bit crazy making. not Mantel’s fault by any means. Seriously great reads. – 06:46 AM GMT
@jebbanner good eatin! ew – 04:25 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt no superheroes caroming off buildings or battling proletarian robots? – 10:34 PM GMT